John A. MacMillian

Every doctrine of Scripture, while correlated closely with others of the, same class, has features peculiar to itself. Only as these are clearly understood, and held in their right relationship, can there be the fullest benefit from their reception. The constitution and laws of the spiritual world are perfectly orderly and logical, and must be adhered to and carefully obeyed if, the desired and promised results are to be gained. (from the authority of the believer )

John A. MacMillian was a Canadian missionary to China, and the Philippians, businessman, professor, writer, pastor. Rev. MacMillian was born in Toronto and was a member of the Canadian Presbyterian church. He heard the call of missions from AB Simpson. He is widely known for his book the Authority of the Believer – a landmark book on spiritual warfare. He is told to have exorcised many demons in China and the Philippians.

I was introduced to him by Paul L. King, a Christian historian who wrote a dissertation on this Pastor. He is often sited by charismatics on the importance of intercession but one with authority, enthusiasm, and results.

What impresses me is that he reads the Bible in a way that I have never studied in our modern exegesis or theology. We fail to see the spiritual realm as even plausible but writers like John A. MacMillian, Watchman Nee and the mystics never deny the implausibility of the supernatural but embrace that there are “invisible” things. Just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and that is true if science fails to embrace it.

One such concept is that of authority. If authority is a principal but it also has results when exercised, we can see that it is manifested in the change of behaviour of the outcome. Social laws tell us that and physical laws also show the result of principals in practice. In the spiritual realm, this is no different.

The great commission starts with the importance of granting authority to the recipient. Afterwards, it encourages the Christian to disciple others by teaching everything Christ has done.  The authority grants the practice and encourages the result. Let’s see how scripture in reading in the manner of granted authority, can benefit ourselves in what we do.


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